Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"The Last Man On Earth" By Mark Mothersbaugh

Will Forte's "The Last Man On Earth" is off to a great start with a great cast of Forte himself and the always hilarious Kristen Schaal - I knew nothing about this show going in, other than that it had a pretty high metacritic score for a network show and that it starred Forte, which was enough for me as I have yet to see him in something that isn't brilliant - throughout the first two episodes I kept noticing how forward thinking the music is: lots of fresh, kooky ideas that match the picture perfectly; it hangs back enough not to become obstructive but places just the right sonic elements around the images of Forte driving an RV through an empty dystopian America; and it maintains enough absurdity for a comedy. The credits roll and of course the composer is the great Mark Mothersbaugh, who started a second career years ago as an a list film composer.

It's expertly shot, vibrant and colorful; it has the aforementioned great score and solid cast: I look forward to hearing and seeing more.