Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"The Last Man On Earth" By Mark Mothersbaugh

Will Forte's "The Last Man On Earth" is off to a great start with a great cast of Forte himself and the always hilarious Kristen Schaal - I knew nothing about this show going in, other than that it had a pretty high metacritic score for a network show and that it starred Forte, which was enough for me as I have yet to see him in something that isn't brilliant - throughout the first two episodes I kept noticing how forward thinking the music is: lots of fresh, kooky ideas that match the picture perfectly; it hangs back enough not to become obstructive but places just the right sonic elements around the images of Forte driving an RV through an empty dystopian America; and it maintains enough absurdity for a comedy. The credits roll and of course the composer is the great Mark Mothersbaugh, who started a second career years ago as an a list film composer.

It's expertly shot, vibrant and colorful; it has the aforementioned great score and solid cast: I look forward to hearing and seeing more.


  1. Hi, do you know the name of the song everytime something touching happens in almost every episode?
    e.g. episode 2- when Carol found out that Phil fixed the tomatoes farm
    episode 3- at 12:25 when Phil discovered Carol's wedding preparation
    Episode 13- 20:13 when Phil and carol drove off into the sunset
    Would really appreciate your help! :)

  2. Hi Peter, it's almost certainly part of the Mothersbaugh score, although I couldn't tell you the name of it specifically. You'll probably have to wait until they release a soundtrack to get your hands on it.

  3. I would like to know the name of the music piece at the close of season 2 episode 1. I would like to hear more of it.

  4. It sounds like more original music by Mark Mothersbaugh, who is the show's main composer. You most likely wouldn't be able to hear more of it unless they happen to release a soundtrack, which they probably won't. But there's plenty of great Mark Mothersbaugh soundtracks you can listen to here: